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My desire to solve problems started long before my career in Law Enforcement, long before my military service. I have always had a thirst for knowledge, literally a drive to find answers. It was this drive which shaped my future, first in the US Air Force, and then as a Police Officer with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

While finding answers is a rewarding endeavor, these answers must be presented in a manner which is useful. As my investigative skills were cultivated, I gained the knowledge and skills required to prepare concise, to the point documentation.

I retired from the Arizona Department of Public Safety in 2005 following a serious on-duty injury and now I bring these skills to the private sector thru my company Lionstrike LLC. As the Chief Investigator of a private investigative agency, I have continued to grow and refine my investigative skills, while providing accurate, detailed documentation. While I have carried over many ‘Tried and True’ techniques from my government service, I have also embraced cutting edge technology from the private and corporate sectors.

In addition to General Investigations, my specialties include Accident/Crime Scene Reconstructions, Forensic Photography and Technical Surveillance, to name just a few. I have embraced the concept “you cannot connect the dots until you collect the dots”, and in turn have become a great collector of dots.

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